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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out Of Focus Workout

Due to changes in both of our schedules, don dokken and I have had to revise our workout routine. Starting at the beginning of this month, we had to switch our time to 6:30 am which is no problem for me, I prefer to get my workout over early. It was a problem for don dokken who decided that while he was adjusting to his new job he would take a week or two off of exercising.

I think he would have extended his time off indefinitely except that I kept kindly and gently reminding him that now that he was sitting behind a desk all day the poundage would no doubt start piling on. This, of course, is the opposite of what really happened because apparently when he gets all involved in work he "forgets to eat." How does this happen? And then by the time he eats lunch it's almost dinner time and so he doesn't eat dinner. He is already down a belt notch. In less than a month.

Even so, I did manage to cajole him into coming back to the trainer last week. On our short drive to her house I noticed my vision was a little blurry. Sometimes that happens first thing in the morning but this was so strange that I took my glasses off and that's when I realized that I was wearing my reading glasses. Instead of the glasses that I wear to, you know, see.

On this particular day our trainer had us do the hardest balancing exercise in her ever changing repertoire of torture. This exercise involved doing squats on a BOSU. With increasingly heavier weights on our shoulders. On a good day I can barely stand on the BOSU much less do squats. With weights.

I was pretty certain that my blurry vision would be completely disconcerting and that I would be unable to manage the BOSU. In fact, it was the opposite. Having nothing to focus on improved my equilibrium. All future balancing exercises will be performed sans glasses.

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