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Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Excitement

After leaving the casino where I won enough money to pay for the first night of my vacation, I picked up Julie and we went out for lunch at a restaurant/coffee shop that is part of a hotel near her house. As we were waiting for our food I looked outside and noticed that the top of a palm tree in the parking lot of the hotel was engulfed in flames. I dialed 911 but for some reason I couldn't hear anything. I think my phone was on mute. I hung up and 911 called me back but in the meantime a second palm tree had caught on fire. Our seats in the restaurant were adjacent to the pool area which cleared out fairly quickly. I am pretty sure that was due to all the smoke. The fire department arrived quickly and put the fire out and we never could get a straight story on how the fire started our own theories being that it was either a car fire in the parking lot or some crack addicts in one of the rooms. It is just that kind of place. What will happen next?

How To Start A Vacation

Man sitting next to me at the video poker machine: You just got 4 of a kind!
Me: Yeah, and I don't mean to be greedy but just one time in my life it would be nice to get a royal flush.
Man: Well, we're really old and we've never gotten a royal flush.
Me: I once met a woman who has gotten tons of them.
Man: Really?
Me: Actually, she lives in Vegas and she plays almost every day.
Man: Oh.
Me: I guess that's not really healthy. (Pressing the button to cash out). I do want a royal flush someday but today's not the day.
Man: Good choice.
Me: Good luck to you!

I am on my way to to a four day, three night vacation at my favorite resort in the desert. My winnings will pay for my first night.

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